So, you never walk on your carpet with your shoes.  It looks clean.  So why is carpet cleaningsuch an important task that you should never miss?  Dirt and bacteria can hide deep in the fibers of your carpet.  Replacing your carpet can be expensive so it’s important that you regularly take advantage of carpet cleaning services which will save you money in the long run and keep your home sanitary and clean.  There are different methods to carpet cleaning but doing it yourself can never sanitize and clean it the way a professional can.  Even with all of the products and equipment that claim they are professional grade, do not believe it.  Our carpet cleaning teams use the highest quality Green cleaning products.  Whether your dog had an accident on the carpet or your little sister spilled grape juice, our quality products and equipment will get your carpet looking and smelling like new.

Carpet cleaning also prevents mold formation.  Carpet fibers are a breeding site for bacteria and fungal elements.  The material is warm and conducive for mold growth.

Carpet cleaning also gets of beetles and bugs.  A carpet is like a big old filter.  Without carpet cleaning, dirt would be trapped along with dust and allergens.  These things attract insects.  The temperature and environment are favorable for bugs.  If you do not regularly utilize carpet cleaningservices, the bugs will start eating up the fibers in the material and can ruin your carpet.  Left long enough, you will start to have a foul smell.

Carpet cleaning also maintains the form of your carpeting.  This is another benefit of carpet cleaning.  The particles and edges of dirt and sand can contribute to the wear and tear of your carpet.  Once dirt starts accumulating you will start to see a distortion in its form.  Protect and preserve your investment by utilizing our carpet cleaning service.

Cleaning your carpet regularly will fresh the fibers and make your carpet look new again.


For the majority of people, they clean their carpets to freshen them up or make them look better.  But did you know that carpets can contain some nasty things like mold and allergens, even viruses and bacteria.  Taking advantage of our carpet cleaning NY, carpet cleaning NYC, carpet cleaning Long Island services serves an important health function.  And we use green products!

You would be shocked if you knew what was lurking in between the fibers of your carpet.  And if you do not vacuum regularly or utilize cleaning NY, carpet cleaning NYC, carpet cleaning Long Island services then you are in for some big surprises.

Things like Salmonella and Norovirus can collect in your carpets!  These viruses can cause serious health problems or illness like the flu and digestive issues.  These illnesses can survive on your carpet for up to 6 weeks!  And they become airborne when you walk on your carpet.  Yikes!

Carpet cleaning NY, carpet cleaning NYC, and carpet cleaning Long Island services will not only freshen but sanitize but get rid of hidden germs and bugs in your carpet.  Did you know Salmonella can be tracked into your home and on your carpets from the bottom of your shoes!

Whether you are concerned about germs or just simple dirt, it is important to regularly steam your carpet.  We would be happy if you took advantage of our Carpet cleaning NY, carpet cleaning NYC, and carpet cleaning Long Island services and can schedule your appointment 24 hours a day. Contact us today at 888-963-9763.  We look forward to hearing from you!


Carpet Cleaning

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Professional Carpet Cleaning NY Service with Affordable Rates. All Cleaning Staff are Uniformed, Insured & Trained.  We are a Commercial carpet cleaning company that goes beyond simple carpet maintenance. is the service provider that lets you work clean, breathe clean, live clean – Clean Living. network of consultants can customize a textile and carpet cleaning Long Island plan for your space and budget – Clean Working! And clean working is green working. Better indoor air quality is only the beginning of employee’s productivity and happy, healthy occupants, workers, friends and guests.

There’s more to clean than meets the eye, so vision starts at the smallest level and focuses on every facet of textile and commercial carpet cleaning. Our customers’ buildings look clean and feel clean because they are clean. And they are kept that way thanks to our proprietary processes and non-toxic cleaning agents.

When your space looks cleaner, everyone seems to notice. You breathe easier. You work easier. Life seems to feel a little cleaner overall. can keep that feeling going by ensuring that every square foot of your facility is kept clean – both inside and out – for the life of your carpet. offers the highest quality maintenance available for all brands of carpets and textiles.  Our services include: carpet cleaning New York, carpet cleaning New Jersey, Carpet Cleaning New Your City and Carpet Cleaning Long Island.